Why Gwinnett Needs CSE

There are a million and one reasons why comprehensive sex education is the right choice. It is time for the Gwinnett County School board to make the right choice for their students.

Since 2000, Gwinnett County Schools have been using the Choosing the Best curriculum.

  • Choosing the Best fails to provide an inclusive, safe, secure learning environment for many students, including L.G.B.T.Q.I.A+ students and survivors of sexual violence.
  • Systematic reviews of Abstinence-only curricula show that they have no impact on the initiation of sexual intercourse, and no evidence that it reduces the number of partners.
  • A 2012 meta-analysis from CDC found insufficient evidence of change in STIs, condom use, and pregnancy.
  • Society of Adolescent Health and Medicine says that “Abstinence-only-until-marriage” as a basis for adolescent health policy and programs should be abandoned.

According to CDC’s National Health Education Curriculum Analysis Tool (HECAT), Choosing the Best receives a ZERO for accuracy. You can read the report here.

Check out these videos:

The Global Online Hub for Advocacy on Comprehensive Sexuality Education discusses how sexual education is lacking and why educating key populations is crucial to improving health outcomes.

John Oliver discusses the state of sex education and the United States’ “weird patchwork system” of sex education guidelines and standards throughout the country. Curricula can change from school to school, and getting information about what curriculum is used is often not easily attainable information.

Who teaches sex ed is just as important as what they’re teaching. Chances are, it’s your local Crisis Pregnancy Center. John Oliver does an amazing job at exposing the predatory nature of fake health clinics, but this episode leaves out a very important piece of information. They’re in our public schools to teach abstinence-only education, and they’re teaching the same lies they tell in their clinics.